Instagram: Speaking Behind the Lens

Facebook , Flickr , Twitter , what do all of those social networking sites have in common? You can connect with other people using the magic that is the Internet! More importantly, you communicate using words. That’s great for connecting to other people who have similar interests, or mutual friends. What about if your interest lies beyond what words can describe? What if you speak better behind a camera lens?

Instagram allows people to connect who speak photography fluently, and people who only know the bare basics. Monthly Challenges push users to think outside the box and post a picture everyday that has a theme. Challenges such as money, what you see outside your window, legs, and your outfit are only some of the pictures that users must find and post that day. Instagram integrates aspects of Facebook, Flickr and Twitter by allowing you to respond to pictures that your friends have posted and also hash tagging pictures to make it easier for other people to come across. It is easy to get started and sign up and just like most social networking sites it’s free. It started out as only an application available on the iPhone, but the popularity of the application grew and the demand was strong so they recently released this application to Android.

Taking pictures on our phones is fun, but Instagram takes it to a whole new level. Every time someone posts a picture on Facebook, the more likes and comments it gets, the higher up it is on the recent postings where it will ultimately garner more views. On Instagram, pictures are viewed instantly and the pictures that gather the most popularity make it to the elite popular page. The popular page is meant to post the most viewed and liked pictures for other people to enjoy.

Twitter, Facebook and Flickr all have the ability to post and comment on pictures, but with Instagram the networking through photos is emphasized since it is all based around taking and sharing pictures. Unlike Flickr, Instagram is able to take pictures and share instantly. Uploading your pictures from your phone to Instagram is fast and easy. There are eighteen different filters to choose from and you can transform your color, border and modality of your photos and all of these were produced in house.

By allowing people to add a little glam to their photos they were able to allow people to take dull pictures captured on their phones, and completely transform them. Instagram started out as another interesting application to download onto your phone, then boomed in popularity once people saw what they were able to do with this new tool. Hash tagging is also a tool started by Twitter that can be used across the social media board. Instagram is no exception to this tool. By hash tagging photos, users are able to group together pictures by single word themes such as locations, occasions, and even moods.

Instagram was born quietly into the social media world and quietly gained attention until it has now demanded attention with its loud and creative platform. Instagram is not just for masters of photography, it is a way for people to connect and show off their creativity. Posting pictures, connecting with friends, and adding a little flair to your photos is exactly what Instagram is all about, but it is by no means what Instagram is limited to.


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