Internet Marketing Strategies for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars

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Competition among nightclubs, restaurants and bars for new customers is fierce, and that is why it’s important to get your name out there. You may have tried old-fashioned local advertising and gotten a few results. However, the majority of restaurants and bar owners are totally forgetting about how powerful the Internet can be for marketing entertainment, meals and drinks. It’s time to get back in the game, compete and show off your fabulous menu, nightclub acts and exceptional drinks.

Community Websites

Taking a few minutes to research on the Internet should reveal several community websites, which are great for promoting your business. As the name indicates, these are community sites that let you advertise your local business in the community and promote your menus, events and contests.

Mobile Marketing

Don’t forget about mobile marketing. Once you get your website set up and running properly, make sure it’s equipped to handle mobile devices. Many restaurants are missing out on advertising and sales because they haven’t taken time to make their site mobile compatible.

Company Websites

You may be missing out on new customers and possibly even sales, if you don’t have a website presence. According to AIS Media, about 89 percent of consumers indicate they search online for restaurant websites before deciding to visit the restaurant. Are you missing out?

Restaurant customers are dying to get a peek at your menu, and they would love it if you posted discount coupons. Anybody running a nightclub could promote their upcoming acts and sell tickets online. Bar owners could have a small website with cool images of their bar and post amusing histories of famous drinks they serve.


People love to read funny stories about businesses and how they got started. You can blog about anything that relates to your business and keep customers checking back weekly. If you provide a bit of entertainment and dazzle them with humor, they’ll remember your restaurant Friday night!

Social Media

When social media sites like Facebook and Twitter first appeared on the scene, many people just didn’t know what to think about them. However, the smart business promoters have since learned what a gold mine social media websites can be.

Any time day or night, you can post exciting news and updates (free) about your brand. Soon your company name or Mexican combination plate will be the talk of the Internet.

Providing helpful information and answering questions on social media sites helps to establish your authority, and people will remember your name and kindness.

Email Marketing

Sending out a monthly newsletter about new menu items or entertainers you’re featuring is a wonderful way to keep in touch with current customers. Every small business wants to get new customers, but it’s important to keep current customers interested as well.

Review Websites

An excellent way to promote your club, bar or restaurant is to take advantage of free customer reviews. More customers are now using the Internet to research restaurants and bar reviews before they decide to go for a meal or a drink. Real customer testimonials are priceless forms of advertising that really spread the word about your company.

So, ask your favorite customers if they would take a minute to post a business review. Consider giving them a discount on drinks or perhaps a free lunch to thank them for their time.

Once you understand the importance of Internet marketing strategies, your possibilities are endless. Try your hand at a bit of social media marketing, make your website mobile friendly, and spread the word that you’re open for business and ready for customers! Feel free to contact MySMN for additional marketing strategies.


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