Invasion of the Memes

Meme Invasion

memeA meme can be defined as a trendy idea, new (or old style) or an action that has potential to spread over the internet rapidly while influencing many others along the way. The options for memes are literally limitless as people are creating new ones every day. Replying “LOL” or “OMG” is considered a meme and someone has a developed a 3 page list of these abbreviations of phrases for texting/emailing via cell phone to make it easier. Another very popular meme going around the internet is the numerous different and often hilarious “Harlem Shake” videos people are posting online. This particular meme spread very fast to the point where even professional sports teams like the Miami Heat even made one.

Online there are numerous ways to meme from using social media, blogging, emailing and uploading videos, pictures and phrases via your social network. Many of these memes are pretty funny and very entertaining, but there are also some that spread to help people or try to make a difference. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pintrest have become one of the largest forms of communication online and are fantastic places to spread your memes. Every day on Facebook I see at least 10 posts I have not seen before whether they are funny, cruel or caring. Some of the more interactive posts have a call to action. One that sticks out in my mind recently was a post of a video where the group was trying to start a help the homeless campaign. In their video they clearly show their goal of getting as many people as possible to make a video of them doing something nice or helpful for a homeless person and posting it via social media. Once they received enough videos, the originator made a nice compilation video of all of the videos sent in from the viewers and it turned out to be great. It also spread very quickly and effectively resulting in a lot of people taking action.

Memes can and should be used by businesses as well. Using online tools such as social media platforms, a business website, emails or a blog can be huge for your business. Using internet memes with your business allows you to capture the attention of up to millions of people. Finding that perfect attention getter to market your business online can dramatically improve business. The Etrade talking baby commercial was huge and a great example of a successful marketing meme. Paying attention to what is going on in pop culture and knowing what people like can be very helpful when developing your business meme. Once you find or figure out what you want to do, get started immediately as timing is everything with memes and you want to be the first one to capitalize on the opportunity. Stay proactive and positive while searching for your next meme to ensure you come up with the best solution.

If you are interested in learning more about memes and how to post them online or are in need of help setting up and spreading your meme because you do not have the time as a business owner, contact us at MySMN and let our experts do what they love.