iPhone Social Media Apps

The options for iPhone social media apps are abundant and are all readily available by the push of a button right on your iPhone! They offer a way to save your pictures on social media sites, search ideas, and even apps that will edit and enhance your photos before you upload them. Instagram, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Flipboard, and UFace are all wonderful social media apps the iPhone offers.

iPhone Social Media Apps by MySMN

Instagram is one of the iPhone social media apps where you have a profile you can upload pictures on, and you acquire followers and people whom you follow. “Followers” Is a term that means your pictures appear on their news feed, and those who you follow are on your news feed. Privacy settings enable you to either have your pictures private, and followers must request you or anyone can follow you without your permission beforehand. Instagram uses hash tag sorting as well- so keep in mind your pictures will not be private within the hash-tag search if used.

Facebook is a popular iPhone social media app we all are familiar with. Keep your friends and family as friends, different albums for your pictures, and posts statuses expressing your thoughts, life updates, or feelings. Twitter is essentially a streamlined Facebook. No pictures, and like Instagram whoever you follow will appear on your feed. Twitter also enables hash-tag usage used by many celebrities and networks to get feedback, or trend an idea.

Spotify is a fairly new music site. You can subscribe and listen to music without commercials and you can see who on Facebook is listening to what on Spotify. This social media iPhone app really makes music sharing and experiencing great and allows you to share your playlists with friends and artists alike. Another fairly new and not yet topping the app charts is UFace. This app is to let your creative side run free; create an avatar and share it!

iPhone Social Media Apps by MySMN

When all is said and done you have a lot of options with your iPhone and social media apps it offers; Flipboard is an iPhone social media app allowing you to keep your social media sites in sync, receive your notifications through one app instead of multiple alerts, and stay organized. This app organizes and syncs your Instagram, Facebook, and Linked-in. Don’t forget to download this app on your iPhone to make your life easier! Let us set your company up with all of these if you don’t know how by contacting My SMN!


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