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Your website branding says everything about you. Like walking into that job interview – are your shoes clean, your nails neat, your clothes ironed? Do you look well-rested, and capable of doing the job? When a prospective customer or client lands on your website they are making assumptions based on that first impression. More often than not, people do not make exceptions if they see something that does not seem professional or trustworthy. Why should they? There are so many other businesses out there to choose from.

When you put your business online you are putting yourself out there, much as you would when meeting someone for the first time face to face. Before you take that step, assess what kind of website branding impression you will make.

I read an article on by Lisa Quast, career coach, business consultant / organizational trainer and former Fortune 500 executive. She talks about meeting people face to face and about how “Image Management” is “important for creating positive first impressions as well as for achieving career aspirations.”

She says it helps you:
• Control what others see/perceive
• Enhance others’ perception of you
• Project trustworthiness
• Inspire confidence in your abilities
• Exude friendliness, approachability and likeability
• Open doors to opportunities
• Enhance/elevate your status

Scrolling through the bullet points above, can you say that your website is creating positive first impressions and aiding in the future success of your business? Do the layout, photos, colors, design and copy tell a story about your personality and the quality of your work? If you are not sure, I suggest sharing your site with a handful of people and ask them to address each bullet point. Ask your employees, friends, acquaintances and strangers what they think. If changes need to be made it could be as simple as asking the team at MySMN to write new website copy and change out photos or you might need a re-design.

Once live, your website is be wide open to the world. Don’t miss out on opportunities by making the wrong impression!

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