Marketing Forecast: Marketing Trends 2013

2012 has come and gone and, boy what a marketing whirlwind it was. 2013 is going to see a different surge of marketing trends. As people become desensitized and smarter than ever before, marketers need to step it up a notch and hone in on what works and what doesn’t.

1. The ‘Love it or Hate it’ trend. This happens the moment a customer opens up your website, Facebook page, etc. You need to entice them, and give them a reason to Like your page and keep coming back for more. A simple website just doesn’t cut it anymore. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, user friendly, and informative. Without these key components, chances are you will lose new customers and potentially old ones.

Key points: Make sure you get a thumbs up in the following areas:

  • Relevancy in your message, image, content, and context
  • Valuable information
  • Meaningful to the industry and reader
  • Personal

2. Content, again, is king. Yes, I know it is repetitive, but content is king. You must make sure that all of your content is going to provide valuable information to your customers. You want to act as an industry expert in your field. This will keep people coming back for more later down the road, as well as have them share your content with the rest of their followers and fans.

3. Be mobile. Mobile phones are the future. Some even say that mobile browsing may surpass desktop browsing sooner than we expected. According to this infographic mobile search has grown over 500% in the past year, and since 2011, 45% of the world’s population is on a 3G network allowing for faster and more accessible mobile browsing. It is more important than ever that your website and newsletters be mobile friendly. It is also the time to start using SMS marketing if you haven’t already. Studies have shown that SMS messages have a higher open and conversion rate than email marketing alone!

4. Customization. People want to believe that you are speaking to them, not to the masses. Personalization is going to be key in 2013. With such desensitization to marketing tactics these days, marketers needs to make each person’s experience as personal as it can be by geotargeting, including personal names, and being aware of what each visitors past behaviors were. Refer back to our blog post on Social CRM to learn more about using social media to better understand your customer. This is going to play a large part in both acquiring customers and keeping them.

So, there you have it, the first few marketing trends for 2013. Marketing is not slowing down, and in fact, is becoming more powerful than ever with the Internet, mobile, and the push back to more traditional methods as well. Start planning now, your business will thank you for it in 2013.




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