Moms Online and Why You Need Them

We know that moms are the best and always there for support. We also know that moms are also always looking for the next great thing to help them take care of family. A study done by Forrester Research reveals that online moms tend to interact with brands and post opinions about products more frequently than others using social media.

Why are these moms using social media? The study found three overarching reasons why women with children tend to make greater use of social networking sites:

–       Moms are motivated by their families. They want to find the best products and services for their children. Researching online forums and blogs allows these women to get real time responses and reviews of products or services and learn about what other moms think.

–       Moms are concerned with saving money. Especially in this economy, having a family can be expensive. Online moms like, Frugal Queen, provide insight into ways for families to save money. She constantly posts about clothing deals, restaurant deals, and many more ways that a mom can provide the best without breaking the bank.

–       Moms engage with social networking sites more thoughtfully than most. Moms are not online to make friends, they are online to find products, reviews, how-to’s, etc, so that they may better take care of their kin. Moms have purpose when engaging online, it is not just for the fun of it. Seriously, what mother has that kind of time? Their interactions, although less frequent, according to Forrester, engage and express opinions that are meaningful and valuable.

Find Those Awesome Moms Online

47% of online women have children under the age of 18. This is a huge percentage. Of that 47%, 42% of them are conversationalists, meaning they engage and interact frequently on social networking sites. 70% are joiners, and maintain some sort of online profile. 65% are spectators, who read blogs, read reviews, watch videos, etc. According to the study, moms post an average of 23 reviews online versus their counterpart (non-moms) that only post an average of 19. On top of that, this group is far more likely to share their positive or negative opinions about products to other moms. Talk about word of mouth advertising.

So, what does this mean for your business? Make friends with moms! Interact and target them in your campaign. Moms can be some of the best and most effective marketing for your business. A number of “Mom Bloggers” and “Tweety Moms” have popped up everywhere, and are providing valuable and thoughtful insight into raising a family. These women have become new targets for online marketing sources and a way to spread the word.


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