Outdated Trends to Avoid on Social Media

Since social media has become a popular past time over the last two decades, we’ve seen many trends come and go. A whole new genre of trends has emerged over the varying social media sites, and there are some trends that, really, should not be trends at all. That’s right. As social media gurus, we’re here to let small business owners and avid social media users know that there are some things that just should be left off social media, as well as some trends that are simply on their way out. If you want to maximize upon your social media posting power, please read the following, and stray from the following list of things we beleive should no longer be posted on social media.

Oversharing and Mood Updates

It appears it’s been common practice for some social media posters to use the platform as their own personal diary, or therapeutic outlet for times of intense emotional stress. While it may feel good to vent over social media, and share your moods, it shouldn’t be broadcast on the Internet for all to see. Have you ever found an old diary, which you thought at the time seemed perfectly acceptable, only to feel completely ashamed and embarrassed about the things you wrote years later? Oversharing on social media is just like that old diary, except you’re not the only person able to read it—and you really want everyone you (and their moms) talking about it? A good rule of practice for social media is to be yourself without sharing each and every detail about your life.

Typical Food from Typical Restaurants

If you’re a foodie and you’re visiting new and exciting hidden gems you want to share with other foodies, that may seem perfectly acceptable to post over social media. That’s also why there are several Facebook groups dedicated to eating and drinking. No one wants to see photos of each and every meal you have had in a day, especially if it isn’t newsworthy or unique. Our best advice for food lovers on social media is to keep the foodie pics designated for your foodie groups, and only post a food picture once in a blue moon, when you have something that is truly mind blowing, and you know that your audience will really swoon over it.

Your Personal Photo Album

This is a tough one, because everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for their significant other, pet, friends, and the infamous selfie. And sure, we all want to share photos of our loved ones over social media, but no one wants to see 50 photos of you and your significant other smooching, or 50 baby pictures that only you cannot get enough of. That’s what photo albums are for, and while we’ve entered into a digital age, social media shouldn’t be your digital family photo album. If you want your audience to see all of your content without filtering it out, keep the cat pictures to a minimum, and only post when something really mind-blowing happens. Some great examples are your baby’s first steps, graduation photos, wedding photos (in moderation) or a video of your pet doing something absolutely hilarious and amazing. And for those who are obsessed with selfies–keep them to a minimum as well, and keep your clothing on. Skimpy selfies can be an unsavory way to market yourself.

Well, that’ all that we have for today. Sure, there are other trends that are annoying to some and on their way out, but these are the most mainstream. This advice goes for all individuals and small businesses who use social media. If you’d like more advice from San Diego digital marketing experts, or a detailed quote call (619) 291-8181 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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