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Who knew that in a few short years Pinterest would become the third largest social network in the United States behind Facebook and Twitter?1 Well, here we are in 2013 and Pinterest keeps growing! Consumers and businesses have realized that Pinterest provides a unique way to connect with others through “pinning.” As Pinterest continues to grow, the people at Pinterest have decided to make some changes to the website. Here are some changes that users can expect to see from Pinterest in 2013.

Pinterest in 2013. MySMN has all the industry updates.

Pinterest in 2013 has started making changes to its website with the goal of making a more consumer and business friendly site. With more businesses and consumers flocking to Pinterest to either promote or showcase a product, Pinterest has decided that it needs to have a better site, starting with navigation. The first big change that users can expect to see is a more intuitive site that allows for more efficient and effective navigation.

The second big change is that pins will be bigger. Consumers will have an easier time seeing a board or product in more detail. This should make both consumers and businesses happy. In addition, Pinterest will add more information related to each pin so users will have a much easier time finding things that interest them.

Lastly, Pinterest will be updating their site in order to make it run faster. Users will have an easier time searching for boards or connecting to links. The frustration of a slow loading page will hopefully be minimized by this change.

So when can you expect to see these new changes? Unfortunately, not for a little while.  For the next few weeks, only a limited number of users can test out the new site. After the people at Pinterest work at the kinks, they will share it with everyone. Users who have access to the new site can always revert back to the old one to access functions that may have been disabled on the new site.

Pinterest in 2013. MySMN has all the industry updates.

Consumers and especially businesses have realized how effective Pinterest is as social marketing tool. With a growing user base, these will probably be the first but not the last changes that we will see for Pinterest in 2013.
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