Purpose of Pinterest Secret Boards

This past holiday season, Pinterest released its “secret boards”. With these secret baods, users can create up to 3 boards that are only viewable to themselves and its collaborators with given access. What’s the purpose of Pinterest secret boards when company’s social media platforms primary concern is going viral and generating tons of traffic? Pinterest secret boards are not only a brilliant function for personal users but businesses alike if used with the right approach.

Purpose of Pinterest Secret Boards brought to you by MySMN

For personal users, the purpose of Pinterest secret boards can include acting as a planner for any important events that require the element of surprise. Parties, gift giving, and travel needs extensive planning and may need to be under wraps before being suggested or coordinated. You can build actual structure to your event by building up your idea through Pinterest secret boards before revealing your plans to all your Pinterest followers.

Purpose of Pinterest Secret Boards brought to you by MySMN

Businesses can utilize Pinterest secret boards for a successful launch of a product. Privacy and timing is crucial in order for a brand new product or service launch to receive maximum exposure. The secret board can serve as a drawing board for the team to communicate and pin essential ideas before their product or service goes public. Also being a part of a secret niche can improve coalition within the team. The secret board can be used to pin a business’s core value, future goals, past mistakes, and improve communication within the team.

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