Remarketing: Why Is This Ad Following Me?

“Why is this ad following me?” It’s a question I hear pretty often from my friends and family. “How did it know that I liked gardening/hockey/French cuisine/travelling to Paris/insert-recent-Google-search here?!”

The ‘it’ they’re referring to is just the Internet to the general population, but digital marketers know this is an advertising technique called remarketing.

Remarketing is the simple method of re-targeting potential and previous customers who have already visited your website. Many question whether or not this tactic still works; but with even a small budget, you can see positive results. First, you need to set expectations with your client. Although remarketing ads—specifically, display remarketing—do not generate a high click and conversion rates, they’re a great way to generate and increase brand awareness.

One of the awesome perks of remarketing ads is the ability to control and manage customized remarketing lists you create. By doing this, you can target visitors who have visited your homepage or a specific product or service page.

For example, one of our golf course clients invested in remarketing with the goal of increasing tee time bookings. We designed beautiful display ads, highlighted our client’s logo, and added a strong call to action (CTA). If a consumer visited our client’s Tee Times page, we would retarget that person within 30 days while he or she browsed the web.

After only three months of launching remarketing ads, our client saw more than 200,000 impressions and, despite the click through rate being only .51%, the view through conversions were at almost 2,000.

These are amazing results considering the fact that the only thing the consumer did was visit the website and see the ad, which prompted them to type in our client’s URL and book a tee time. Not to mention, this was with a daily budget of only $5.

This proves remarketing can be a significant benefit and value-add, despite a shoestring budget. If you have realistic goals and engaging landing pages, you can convert.


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