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Savvy Celebrities Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With 67% of social media users being on smartphones, it’s no wonder that people are more engaged with their online presence more than ever. Whether it’s the average user, businesses, or celebrities, we all are both the creator and curator of content. Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer users a personal space to share the latest vacation photos, gloat over glamorous purchases, and even show off new love interests. Simply put, we personally use social media to highlight and share our favorite moments with friends and family.

We all apply social media marketing in diverse ways that reflect our individuality and personality. Essentially, we ourselves are a brand. How people view us, how we portray our presence online and offline all interchangeably illustrate people who we are. Businesses are no different. Companies use Facebook to keep consumers updated with their brands while others integrate Twitter to promote contests and sweepstakes. For example, Zappos!, an online shoe company, smartly employs Facebook to highlight loyal shoppers by adding “Fan of the Week” on its profile pictures. Starbucks also innovatively uses Twitter to directly connect with its audience by launching “Tweet-a-coffee” campaign for costumers to buy their friend a cup of coffee. It not only raise over $180,000 in sales but also creatively enhances a new way to experience coffee.

However, when it comes to building community and engaging audiences, businesses can learn a thing or two from savvy celebrities who embrace social-media marketing to optimize their online presence.

Stars Like Lady Gaga is a great example of how celebrities are building an authentic relationship with fans through Twitter. She jumpstarts genuine conversations with her devoted little monsters by rewarding them with Facebook mentions, re-tweets, and promotional discounts. Curating her own content through an honest dialogue with her audience, Lady Gaga markets herself as a relatable artist who cares. Her support for the LGTBQ community and her stance against anti-bullying further validates her message of love and acceptance.

Celebrities are also great at creating a buzz about themselves. Nothing is more convenient than using social media marketing for self-promotion. With the pressure of keeping their names fresh and current, celebrities like Rihanna are on point with her Twitter game and Instagram updates. She offers exclusive content to fans on Facebook about song lyrics, behind-the-scene previews, releasing teasers and videos to hype fans up for  upcoming tours. Social media marketing definitely helps drive the success of her sold-out shows.

Social Media Marketing

Another social media powerhouse, though not a celebrity but a brand, is Billabong. They are a clothing brand that caters to surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding enthusiasts. With its upcoming event like the Oscar for surfing at the Billabong XXL Awards, the company is on fire with its social media marketing. The brand increases massive engagement on Facebook by posting epic pictures of daring surfers dominating the big waves. It capitalizes on fan’s love of adrenaline sports and asks them to create captions and Twitter hashtags for featured pictures and videos. Billabong awards its winner with the best content with free tickets to the show, driving its Facebook engagement to an average of 1,000-3,000 likes per post and over 200 shares!

Famous athletes attending the award also leverage the Billabong’s event to boost exposure on their personal social media accounts. Koa Rothman, a professional surfer nominated for Wipe of the Year award, uses Twitter to promote his music by jumping on popular hashtags like #tbt and posting behind-the-scene images exclusively to his Twitter and Facebook fans. He also uses Instagram to update information on his latest tours, re-tweet shout outs from popular brands like Monster Energy drink and Oakley Action Sports to further gain awareness for his Sound Wave album. Shane Dorian, nominated for Rider of the Year with over 82K Facebook fans and 119K Instagram followers, uses social media marketing to showcase his passion for adrenaline sports ranging from surfing, snowboarding, to hunting and traveling. He regularly post tweets, and pictures that establish himself more than just a poster of a surfing icon but also a family man with adventurous hobbies.

When celebrities expose themselves online through sharing intimate pictures of their life, they are making themselves more human to us. Take a look at Shawn Dollar’s Instagram. His day-to-day pictures accompanied with humorous and witty content evokes a coolness fans want to associate with. By skimming through his photos, surfing fanatics are reminded that hey, he’s like a typical guy who’s our friend too!

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