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Gone are the days of spending money on newspapers and magazines to get the most interesting, thought-provoking material.  Society has shifted from paper publications to the digital world and cloud databases, and we’re finding new sources for our daily news and entertainment. Now that we’re getting our reading materials online, the need for writers has shifted from magazines and newspapers to blogs and social media content creators. We’re even seeing a rise in social media sites designed for sharing personal videos. Do these creatives make money for the entertainment they’re providing? Sometimes yes, but many times they don’t. Thanks to the folks at ChangeTip, content creators are now able to receive compensation from others who like their posts via a digital tip.Vintage Stylized Photo Of Coffee Cup, Diary And Coins On Table I

ChangeTip is a new program that allows users to tip anyone online through bitcoin. Say you stumble upon a blog, a social media post, or a video that you like; with ChangeTip you can choose to either “love” it when a “like” just doesn’t do justice, or you can choose to tip it, and leave a digital tip for the person who posted the content. Digital tips received through bitcoin can be spent at a variety of online and local retailers, or wherever bitcoin is accepted.

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ChangeTip has made tipping online easy and fun. You can tip in any currency you choose, because ChangeTip is global. There’s also the option of posting Monikers, or pictures of an object, with value assigned to them. For instance, a cookie could mean $2.50, and a glass of wine could mean $5. The possibilities are vast. The process of tipping is easy as well. Users simply mention @changetip in a comment, as well as their phrase or Moniker for the tip, and the person tagged in the comment will receive the bitcoins.

An example of this would be: “Wow, great post @Tanya! This cookie is for you! @changetip.”

Another way to leave a tip could be: “This was such an interesting read @Daniel. Keep it up! $1 @changetip.”

Or, say you pick the phrase “best thing I’ve read all day” to hold tip value, you could leave a tip by writing; “Wow nice job @Sam, best thing I’ve read all day. @changetip.”

ChangeTip believes in using bitcoin to send and receive money. They also believe that creatives such as writers, designers and artists deserve to be compensated a little extra for their efforts, just as we would for a hair dresser, bartender or server. Why not tip for the content we enjoy reading?

If you want some assistance creating tip worthy content, we’d love to discuss your unique digital marketing goals with you. Contact Us today!


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