Social Media and Holiday Marketing: A Few Tips for Spreading Your Holiday Cheer

The Holidays are the perfect time to turbocharge your social media. Shoppers everywhere are scouring the Internet for great deals, holiday promotions, and cool gifts to give this season.

Incorporating a holiday theme into your holiday marketing is not only smart it’s necessary. The holidays are all about connecting, sharing and cheer, so why not spread it?

Here are our top tips for jumping on the holiday cheer bandwagon!

1. Start early: Do not be the last person to put a pumpkin on your website, or send out a Holiday newsletter. You want to get potential customers’ attention before your competitors. As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.”

2. Seasonal branding is all the rage! Is your company supporting Movember? Put a ‘stache on it? Do you have a Thanksgiving promo? What about a Christmas special? Brand accordingly. However, don’t forget to keep this branding consistent across all of your online sites.

3. Build a custom branded micro-site for your website and social networks. This page should have your holiday branded logo all over it, and should promote your specials or your holiday-specific campaign.

4. Give back. People love companies that give back to the community, and the holiday season is the perfect time to do that. Promote giving a % of sales to a charity, or perhaps encourage people to donate to a particular food/clothing/etc drive. This is a great opportunity for press as well as a chance to show your customers your philanthropic side.

5. Share more than just your specials and promotions. The holiday season is a hard season for a lot of people, especially in a not so great economy. Instead of solely blasting out what you are offering, offer up some holiday advice. People appreciate this kind of content, and it usually gets great engagement.

6. Engage with your customers! Ask them for pictures of their turkey dinner, their Halloween costumes, their Christmas Trees or Chanukah gifts! You would be surprised what people are willing to share when asked! It is also fun for them to share their traditions, and absolutely, builds a relationship between your brand and your customers.

A recent article in Fast Company as a few other tips you may want to incorporate into your strategy.

Whichever holidays you celebrate, frankly, it doesn’t really matter. You have to relate to your customers, and the holidays are the perfect time to do so. So, instead, of simply promoting your products or services, put some cheer into it and spread it abundantly.

Stay tuned for more Holiday marketing ideas!







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