Social Media and Natural Disasters: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is causing a heck of a stir, both literally and figuratively. People all over the country are watching and waiting to see what this storm is capable of. So far, this storm has displaced thousands from their homes, flooded towns, and scared the bejesus out of all of us onlookers. Thanks to the Internet and social media, both the people in the thick of it, and us spectators, can track the storm and stay up to date on its every movement. Pretty cool.

The first, and probably best way for you to see what is going on with Hurricane Sandy is the Google Crisis Map. This map allows you to see where it is going, along with many other handy filters so you see exactly what you want. For example, if the map shows the storm coming your way, there is a filter showing you where you can go to find shelter. For all of us who are not in the thick of it, we can watch live webcams of the storm and the havoc it’s causing.

Google Crisis Map for Hurricane Sandy

Another website, Quartz, lists all of the live webcams, so that you are able watch the storm as it’s happening wherever you might be. There is a super awesome webcam direct from the Statue of Liberty. This cam, however, takes so freakin’ long to load because of the high traffic.

Quartz Hurricane Sandy Watch

Social Media is also playing a HUGE part in tracking Hurricane Sandy. I mean, just looking at my Facebook News Feed is keeping me updated. But for all of you that want a more reliable source than your dramatic friend in New York, you can check out the following Twitter Feeds and social media channels:

1.’s Twitter Feed is a constant stream of updates on the hurricane. It is actually a bit overwhelming. It will tell you who doesn’t have power, how fast the winds are blowing, and much more.

2. The National Hurricane Center’s Twitter Feed is another place to stay tuned. It is not as detailed and intense, but will keep you updated on the big events going on.

3. The Weather Channel has their YouTube channel up and running with a constant coverage of Sandy.

The Story of Hurricane Sandy Through Instagram

4. Instacane is by far my favorite Hurricane Sandy wrap up website. This site tells the story of the storm through Instagram pictures. VERY, VERY badass. These pictures are INSANE. You will definitely want to check this site out.

Well, there you have it. There is NO excuse for you to not know what is going on. Social media and the Internet have made it possible for people all over the world to experience the hurricane and support those going through it.

Thanks social media, let’s expose that girl!


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