Social Media and the Holidays!

T’is the season for Holiday marketing.  Halloween has passed, Christmas music is already playing, and you are thinking, “should I change up my marketing strategy to reflect the holidays, or keep it neutral, and business as usual?”

Social media is called so, because it is social. It is a way to connect with people on a more personal level. Most people do participate in some form of holiday celebration or another, so why not connect with them on something that you know is relevant to their lives?

Read on for a list of social media tips to bring your business the holiday cheer it needs this season.

  • Create a seasonal image: Brand your business, but keep it consistent. Design a holiday image that represents your company and the holiday season. Perhaps create a Facebook photo strip or a Twitter background that complements your holiday image.
  • Talk about holiday traditions. People all over celebrate and each family has its own traditions. Engage your followers and fans by asking them about their favorite traditions and customs.
  • Offer advice and tips on holiday challenges. People are often stressed and restricted on time during the holidays, so why not add value to their lives and provide them with ways to make their lives easier. Some tips might include, shopping on a budget, travelling, gift-giving, holiday recipes, etc.
  • Encourage fans and followers to engage by sharing holiday stories. Ask them to submit pictures of kitchen disasters, or family gatherings. Promote the sharing of recipes, holiday arts and crafts or anything holiday related that will get your fans and followers sharing and conversing with each other.
  • Create a funny Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving video and encourage your fans and followers to share it or to upload their own.
  • Partner with a charity and become actively involved in giving back to the community. Inspire and incite others to do the same.  Ask your followers and fans to share what they are doing this holiday season to promote charity within the community.
  • Set up a Facebook or Twitter contest that reflects the holiday season. Does your business have a holiday promotion happening?

Spreading holiday cheer is crucial when engaging in social media. As I said at the beginning of this post, social media works because it is a social conversation among people, and if your business wants to be a leader or even participate in the conversation then it is necessary to talk about the hot topics of the moment.

Happy Holiday Facebooking!




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