Social Media Case Study: The Smoking Goat Restaurant

MySMN has a lot of interesting clients, and we want to show them off. As a social media marketing firm, we want to not only showcase our clients, but show you what we do as far as creativity, graphic design, content and promotion.

The Smoking Goat is a rustic French bistro located in the heart of North Park. The experience is simple and delicious, the way food should be. They have an extensive wine list that any wine-o would flip over, and the food is some of the best in town. Fred Piehl, Owner and Executive Chef, is a Cordon Bleu graduate, and, needless to say, knows what he is doing in the kitchen.

Now, since Fred is busy cooking award winning gourmet meals, we were the lucky chosen ones to take over their online marketing strategy.

The Smoking Goat became a MySMN client about 4 months ago. When we first started with the Smoking Goat, they had a Facebook page, and that was about it. MySMN set up and completely customized their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+ and Yelp!.

Each and every social media site you have acts as an online billboard and place to showcase what you got. Restaurants are typically big on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Pinterest, so we knew that was where our focus would be.

As far as customization goes, we pimped out their Facebook page with custom tabs, graphics, logos, and cover photos. We wanted to the look of their Facebook page to match the look of the website.

We worked with both their website designer as well as Fred, the executive Chef, to come up with a look that spoke to their theme.

The same sort of customization was done for their Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages. MySMN designed and uploaded custom backgrounds and logos for each social site we set up for them.

Customization is key, but being creative with social media promotions and content ideas are going to set your social media strategy apart from the rest. The Smoking Goat has a very specific voice, and one that was very important to keep consistent. We wanted to showcase their fantastic food and wine in a humble voice. MySMN spent hours picking Frend’s brain to hone in on his voice and what type of content would come from a Chef like himself.

The Smoking Goat Facebook business page gets more engagement everyday. “We wanted to educate the Smoking Goat’s fans and followers without seeming pretentious,” explains one of MySMN’s account managers, Jessica Morgan. “Because the Smoking Goat has such a following, we wanted to reward their fans and followers with a social media only promotion.” Whenever Chef calles it MySMN works with the Smoking Goat to come up with a special Social Media promotion to thank all of those that follow them online, as well as enticing others to ‘Like’ or follow the restaurant, so they too can reap the benefits. Last Wednesday, the Smoking Goat offered a bottle of Domaine De La Chevalerie Galichets and 2 Cassoulet dishes, a mixture of beans, lamb, duck, and sausage, originally $95, for only $65.


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