Social Media for Business Statistics (Part 2)



In Social Media for Business Statistics Part 1, we analyzed social media business trends in 2012.  In Social Media for Business Statistics Part 2, we’ll look at statistics pertaining to the big three social media sites, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, for the year thus far.  By being able to analyze social media for business statistics, companies can market content more effectively and efficiently to the consumer.

Social Media for Business Statistics (Part 2) by MySMN

Facebook Statistics for 2013:

Facebook usage continues to grow.  Businesses are quickly catching on to the power of Facebook as a marketing tool.  Here is some impressive data from Facebook that translates into great social media for business statistics:

  1. There are over 1.06 billion monthly active Facebook users. (source: By The Numbers: 22 Amazing Facebook Stats)
  2. Mobile users have increased to 680 million (source: By The Numbers 22 Amazing Facebook Stats)
  3. There are more than 50 million pages and 10 million apps (source: By The Numbers 22 Amazing Facebook Stats)
  4. 42% of marketers say Facebook is important to their business (source: Business2community)

As the social network of choice continues to expand, businesses, whether they sell products or services, should have a Facebook page or presence as part of their marketing strategy.  With more than 50 million pages, customers may begin to rely more heavily on Facebook to acquire information about a product or service.

Twitter Statistics for 2013:

Just like in 2012, Twitter seems to be a real competitor for social media sites, like Facebook.  With stars such as Lady Gaga tweeting, and businesses such as Southwest Airlines monitoring customer tweets via Twitter, it looks as though Twitter is here to stay! Businesses should take note of these statistics for 2013:

  1. There are 500 million total Twitter users. (source: Here is More Twitter Coverage)
  2. There are more than 200 million active users. (source: Here is More Twitter Coverage)
  3. Twitter blew away all other websites with 66.3% of hate conversations and 52.4% of love conversations. (source: Nichole Kelly)

It looks as though more and more of the public are making their thoughts known via Twitter.  By tweeting, businesses can capture some of the over 500 million Twitter users and follow conversations in order to improve their business.

Pinterest Statistics in 2013:

Last but not least for social media business statistics part 2, is the social media darling, Pinterest!

  1. There are 25 million users on Pinterest (source: Here is More Pinterest Coverage)
  2. Pinterest in some cases surpasses Facebook as a social media platform that creates real revenue and cash.  (source: Jeff Bullas)
  3. Users spend over an hour on average on Pinterest (source: Social Media Statistics 2013)

With users spending over an hour on Pinterest, the website offers businesses a great opportunity to market and sell their product or service.  With the potential to make documented real revenue and cash, it seems as though Pinterest is the place for businesses to be in 2013.

Social Media for Business Statistics (Part 2)

With 2013 in full swing, businesses should use social media statistics to find where best to market their product or service.

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