Social Media for Consumer Products: Expose Yourself

So you want to buy a new television, but there are hundreds of choices. Which TV is the best? What makes it the best? Typically, when I go out shopping, I rely heavily on word of mouth. What are people saying about the product? What are they saying about their customer service?

Whether it’s a TV or a box of hair color, trusting the product is key. So how do companies create the word of mouth marketing I speak of? One undeniably powerful tool is social media. Social media creates exposure, and exposure is everything in sales. The more people that hear about the product, the more people are going to want to try it out.

There are many ways to spread the word, and connect with fans on so many levels using social media. Below, I have outlined a few tips and ideas for ways that companies have successfully integrated social media into their marketing plan to not only increase exposure and word of mouth, but to eventually increase sales as well.

  • Be a storyteller. Give incentives for fans to share personal experiences with the brand. People trust personal experiences more than a scripted commercial. Develop a YouTube Channel, or simply have people tweet or Facebook stories about the product. It not only gives the product more credibility, but also is a fun way to get people engaged and talking about it.
  • Be a source of valuable information in the industry. L’Oreal uses Facebook to post beauty tips that fans can easily access and make use of. After all, L’Oreal is an expert in the beauty industry, so where better to pick up on some new tricks to feel beautiful? Along with posting tips and trick, L’Oreal asks fans if they used any of the tricks and what they thought. Again, a great way to start conversation.
  • Use Facebook and Twitter as a forum to excel in customer service. Fans should be able to post on Facebook and Twitter to ask technical questions or receive customer support. This provides the brand and it’s fans with a faster, more efficient way to, one, get/ give feedback on the product, and two, address any immediate concerns or problems being brought up. It is a real time way to find out what the problem is and solve it. People crave instant gratification and that is exactly what Twitter and Facebook can provide. I know that I look for great customer support when searching for a product, and if I receive it, I’ll be talking about it.

The above are just a few ways that companies can separate themselves from the pack. There are so many choices for everything these days, and brands must differentiate themselves from their competitors. Social media provides both small and large consumer product providers with the tools necessary to promote word of mouth via creative and innovative strategies.



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