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As more and more consumers use the Internet to find services and products, companies, especially professional service companies, need to have an online presence in order to attract and build relationships with potential consumers.  Sometimes business owners can be intimidated by social media, however, social media for professional services can be quite easy! With a few keystrokes, professional companies can create a website, join twitter, write blogs, subscribe to Facebook or socialize with other business professionals on LinkedIn.  With something as simple and as effective as social media marketing, all professional services need to have some sort of web presence or risk losing business to a competitor.  Here are a few ways that professional service companies can create an online presence:

Social Media for Professional Services explained by MySMN.

Professional Services Website:

One of the first things a professional service company should do is create a website.  Whether the company provides insurance to consumers or helps with a home remodel, such as Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen, a website provides a great forum to promote a service.  Websites can have descriptions of services/products, client testimonials, tutorials, pricing, and information about the company.  A website can get consumers informed and excited about a service! Consumers, who are excited and informed, are more likely to purchase a product or service.  Websites are fairly easy to create and are the first step in building social media for professional services.


Not only should a professional service company have a website, but it should continue to update content to remain active and relevant through blogging.  Blogging is simple and it allows a company to discuss various topics, such as new trends in home remodeling or benefits of solar energy.  Blogging can get consumers inspired or excited to try a new service. Blogging is an important social media for professional services because it drives traffic to your website as well. By blogging, professional service companies can attract new consumers and continue to build relationships with old ones.


With over a billion users, Facebook is great place to attract potential business.   Professional service companies can create a profile page and use that page to post articles, pictures, client testimonials, and video.   By getting “likes” from other Facebook users, a professional service company can market its business to those users, friends of those users, and friends of friends of those users.  As long as the Facebook content is continuously updated, professional service companies can attract more consumers and therefore, more business.

These are just a few ways that professional service companies have an online presence.  As consumers move toward the Internet to search for services, companies need to make sure that they market to those consumers.  Social media for professional services helps companies stay relevant and build important relationships.

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