My Social Marketing Network – MySMN works with Los Angeles based businesses to increase leads and lead conversions. Our team of professionals leverage the power of social media, SEO, Pay Per Click and website conversion to generate more phone calls leads, more web leads and more direct leads for your business.

Social Media Marketing Los Angeles

Nearly 90% of all consumers search online to find new businesses, and 75% of current clients routinely look at frequented businesses social media and web profiles to stay connected. The fact that they analyze your website, read your Yelp reviews, and keep an eye on your Facebook can be a huge benefit to your revenues. My Social Marketing Network – MySMN makes sure your business is found by your potential customers by bringing a solution that will increase traffic, boost revenues, and help you stay on top of your social media marketing.

Increase Traffic & Revenues

It’s no secret that more traffic means more revenues. By utilizing our expertise, MySMN will optimize the internet to increase the flow of traffic to your business. With a ready-to-use social media marketing solution you will be able to optimize your entire social media and Internet platforms. We immediately elevate the professional presence of your business across dozens of social media platforms, so your staff can continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Build a Community Locally

By tapping into your business’s social network, MySMN finds those golden opportunities to connect with local fans and influential followers that you probably don’t even know exist. We build a community around your business that gets people excited to share your products and services with their friends online. If there’s anything that we know about social media, it’s that building a community involves optimizing your online platforms, including the many locations and mobile-based marketing opportunities that the public uses to find your business first!

Spread Awareness

MySMN energizes your social network AND taps into your network’s connections to share your business’s unique story and your products and services to your local community. Los Angeles is a big city made up of hundreds of local neighborhoods, each unique and different from the rest. We utilize the latest social media and blogging platforms to create, link, share, and track everything that we do for your business throughout your targeted community. Our team gets you more leads and more exposure so you can dominate your competition.

Results Proven Monthly

MySMN is very effective at getting results and we prove this to our clients each and every month by providing detailed analysis that tracks our results and validates every dollar you spend. We pride ourselves on giving our clients’ world-class service and the highest quality solutions. When dealing with MySMN you won’t get the runaround; we are firm believers in showing and proving our worth.

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You Have Everything To Gain

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