Social Media Marketing

Social Media vs. Traditional – Find the Right Style of Marketing For Your Business

Since the rise of the Internet, debate as started over the benefits of traditional marketing vs marketing online using social media when it comes to producing leads, expanding reach and improving business. As the online world continues to grow, people are left wondering “Will traditional marketing fade away?” Before the era of social media, traditional marketing such as print advertising, billboards, magazines, newspapers, email campaigns, and radio and TV interviews and commercials were primarily used for marketing. These days, online advertising is taking control with search engine advertising and social media marketing vastly extending the reach of the company’s voice.

Social Media Marketing

Traditional Marketing Benefits

  • Face to Face Selling
  • Face to Face Communicating
  • Salesman Advantage
  • People can Physically Hear, Watch or Touch
  • Commercials During Major Televised Events

Traditional Marketing Disadvantages

  • Forced Marketing on Viewer
  • Have to Search for Clients
  • Lower Response Rate
  • No Community (less reach)
  • Not Cost Effective
  • No Open Communication with Customer
  • Not Easy to Track
  • Cannot Prove That People Like You

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Benefits

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Higher ROI
  • Data can be Easily Tracked and Analyzed
  • Controlled Cost
  • Very Large Reach
  • Proof that People Like You
  • Community Building
  • Brand Building
  • Potential Clients Search for YOU!

Social Media Marketing Negatives

  • Potential Clients must be Internet Savvy
  • Loss of Non Internet Using Clients
  • Loss of Non Social Media Using Clients

The best way to manage your marketing strategy and campaigns is to have a balance between both if you can afford to do so. Some forms of traditional advertising like radio and TV commercials can be very costly and should be avoided if it is not leaving any room for online marketing in your strategy. Both forms can be effective, but online marketing is much more efficient and can not only be cost effective, but allows you to track data and analyze it to make proper adjustments. This can make an exponential difference and boost your ROI (return on investment) up 100%. A proper marketing strategy will include knowing the market to capitalize on and which methods are best used for your business.

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