If you want to sell more houses and find higher net worth buyers, then you need an optimized website as well as a powerful SEO and social media strategy…

Increase Traffic & Revenues

When it comes down to it, the more exposure you get, the more money you make. MySMN has a talented staff of experts who are savvy to a vast array of industries, including Internet marketing for real estate. They are dedicated to helping your business optimize the #1 place new clients search to find new services – the Internet. Our easy-to-use social media solutions will allow you to manage your business’s entire social media and internet platforms. With such tools in our arsenal we will be able to heighten your business’s online presence through a plethora of social media platforms; this way you and your staff can continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Build a Community Locally

If you take the time to plant a shovel in your back yard you might strike gold. By placing focus on your business’s social network, MySMN finds those golden opportunities to connect with very influential followers that you previously may not have had any exposure to. We are experts at building a community around your store that gets your customers to become cheerleaders for your products and services. Social Media for real estate professionals are great for utilizing the voice of your customer base. It allows you to see how relevant your business is within your community. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is for a local business, and our team will help you achieve the buzz that your business deserves. Building a community involves optimizing your online platforms, including the many locations and mobile-based marketing opportunities that customers use to find your business first!

Spread Awareness

MySMN energizes your social network AND taps into your network’s network to share your business’s unique story & original items to the local community. We utilize the latest social media and blogging platforms to create, link, share, and track everything that we do for your business. We use dozens of social networking sites to drive more visitors into your store or traffic to your online shopping cart.

Managing Your Reputation

Reputation is everything. If your customers aren’t happy, they will be sure to voice their displeasure to the people they know and even online on popular review sites such as Yelp. Maintaining your company’s integrity, protecting your reputation, and tactfully tending to customer service issues quickly is a top priority. Your hours of operation may be only from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, but the Internet is open for business 24/7 and your daily guests often read, review, and post comments about your shop after business hours. MySMN monitors specific keywords online that are associated with your business to make sure your reputation is protected at all times.

Results Proven Monthly

MySMN believes in being accountable for all of our services and duties. Each and every month we will provide you with a detailed analysis that tracks our results and validates every cent that you’ve spent on our service. MySMN takes a great deal of pride in giving our clients top-class service and simply the best solutions for their online marketing campaigns.

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