Most of your visitors research your restaurant using the Internet or other forms of social media before walking through your doors. Remember, first impressions are everything!

Social Media for Restaurants

Before patrons make the decision about whether or not to visit your restaurant, they see reviews from other diners or patrons, or potentially, even your competition. In order to ensure that your restaurant isn’t unfairly judged before patrons even have a chance to experience it firsthand, today’s day and age makes Internet marketing for restaurants a necessity.

Diners find new restaurants by reading reviews on Yelp or by searching “keywords” on Google. Most of the social networking sites allow guests to post reviews, share photos and upload videos about your restaurant to the entire community, so you and your staff have to be prepared for anything. Your customer service and responsiveness online needs to be just as professional as inside your restaurant, and My Social Marketing Network (MySMN) immediately brings a solution that will increase traffic, increase revenues, & help you stay on top of your restaurant’s social media marketing campaign.

Increase Traffic & Revenues

The bottom line is more traffic = more revenues. MySMN drives more traffic into your restaurant by optimizing the #1 place diners go to find new restaurants – the Internet. For instance, if you own a restaurant in San Diego, you’ll find that it’s important to get a social media agency that has access to a San Diego-centric social media network. That’s where MySMN comes into play. Our turnkey social media marketing solution take care of optimizing your restaurant’s entire social media and Internet platforms. We immediately elevate the professional presence of your business across dozens of social media platforms, so your staff can focus on the day to day operations of your restaurant.

Build a Community

By tapping into your restaurant’s social network, MySMN finds those golden opportunities to connect with very influential followers that you probably don’t even know exists. Finding new guests and enticing them into your restaurant is just as important as connecting with your current repeat visitors. Using online marketing geared specifically toward restaurant branding, we can build a community around your restaurant that gets people excited about sharing their positive experiences with their friends.

Spread Awareness

MySMN uses proven online marketing strategies for restaurants in order to spread your business’s fresh, unique, and original content throughout the dining community. Your restaurant may only have 1000 followers, but those 1000 followers have a combined network of ten’s of thousands of followers, and we utilize the latest technology to spread awareness to your extended network .

Managing Your Reputation

Protecting your restaurant’s reputation and dealing with customer service issues quickly is extremely important and one of the most crucial elements to maintaining an easily identifiable and searchable brand. Your hours of operation may only be from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, but the Internet is open for business 24/7 and your daily guests often read, review and post comments about your restaurant after business hours. MySMN monitors specific keywords online that are associated with your restaurant to make sure your reputation is always protected.

Results Proven Monthly

MySMN is very effective at getting results and we prove this to our clients each and every month by providing detailed analysis that tracks our results and validates every dollar you spend. We understand that restaurants operate on very thin margins, and that’s why our social media marketing solution for restaurants are designed to get results immediately. We pride ourselves on giving our clients’ world-class service and the highest quality solutions.

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