Social Media Strategy Guide

The Importance of Strategy in Social Marketing

strategySocial Marketing Strategy is so important. One of the best things you can do for your online presence is to create and efficient and comprehensive system. When there is a system in place it all runs smoothly and everything feeds into each other. It becomes like a river with tributaries that feed it from different small streams into one efficient system that carries the water to the ocean.

But, if there is a flood and the water is not guided, or there is a drought and not enough water is flowing to keep the river going, then it is not an efficient system.

A flood in Social Marketing would be releasing a bunch of random content into the internet world and not properly tagging and linking things and not being consistent in your messaging or your voice.

A drought in Social Marketing would be only putting out things here and there, tentatively trying out different social media platforms without creating a strong presence on any of them.

When you have an efficient system that all feeds into each other, you create an unstoppable force of nature: a successful and growing online presence, high search engine results and traffic to and engagement in your website.

Below are some tips to get you started on the right path for an effective Social Marketing Strategy.

3 Tips for Social Marketing Strategy

1. You need to know how to use Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrist and master at least one of them. Ideally you need a cross integration of multiple channels to create consistent feed to your website and engagement in your online presence. The best tip right now is to get very familiar with Google Plus and get your business actively on it. Google is increasingly placing importance on Google Plus content and pages. If you want to be ranked high in Google Searches, start there and keep going! Facebook is also a very important domain to be engaged in. Also, use YouTube.

2. Don’t forget to link to your past content and other relevant content of authority and tag everything you put out with popular keywords.

3. Be consistent with your voice and image because everything will be recorded and linked back to each other. This increases the need for content accountability, strategy, awareness, caliber and consistency.

With a little planning, a clear strategy and regular content production, your business or website will be well on the way to social marketing success. If you find that you need help from some experts, visit My SMN for guidance, support and expertise in efficient social marketing systems and strategies.


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