Social Media: Think Before You Tweet!

Social media is a great thing, right? But what happens when social media goes rogue? This past year has seen a lot of great social media campaigns, and a few very risqué tweets that had the potential to break the brands that tweeted.

A study done at the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found that around 62% of Fortune 500 companies use Twitter as part of their online marketing strategy. These companies typically have hundreds of thousands of followers, and they are always on display.

Most of the time, these companies are applauded for their social media prowess, but sometimes not everything goes exactly as planned, and a questionable tweet slips through the cracks. Take a look at the Top 3 we chose for 2012.

Questionable Tweet #1:

Domino’s gets a little ‘cray’ this year, and releases this gem:


That Bitch Wants Her Dominos!


@getting dominos for my bitch

@billionairerod That bitch will enjoy every bit

Oh, yes they did. Unless they are talking about a dog here, I’m pretty sure that some might see this tweet as quite offensive. Woopsies. Fortunately, for Dominos, the tweet did not receive a lot of attention, and to be quite honest, kind of fits in with their new branding. Regardless, if you thought this was inappropriate or not, it is definitely a risqué tweet we had to share.

Questionable Tweet #2:

One of the many times this tweet was retweeted!

KitchenAid stirred the pot during the first Presidential debates by releasing an offensive Tweet about Obama and his grandmother. Check it. KitchenAid tweeted, “Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! ‘She died 3 days b4 he became president.” Yea, that happened. That tweet went out to their 25,000 followers. Needless to say, the tweet was deleted immediately and replaced with an apology, but the damage was done. Im guessing whoever accidently sent that tweet out didn’t even bother coming into work the next day. Nor will they apply for a job in social media for a very long time.

This article in the LA Times shows you the negative responses to KitchenAids Tweet.

Questionable Tweet #3:

Now, this last tweet, I laughed at. Honestly, it’s funny, but totally wrong, and a HUGE PR fail on their part. Chrysler’s twitter account was compromised when they tweeted:


@ChryslerAutos: I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive

Not only did Chrysler drop the F-bomb, they offended the entire city of Detroit. Impressive. How to insult an entire population in one go? Ask Chryler. After this tweet was released, an apology was given. Again, the agency that was responsible for Chrysler’s tweeting (cough, New Media Strategies, cough) was fired and their contract not renewed. Bad account to lose.

Big companies get all the attention for their failed tweets, but don’t think that big fails can’t happen to small biz. It is important to consistently monitor the tweets that are going out. You want a team that you can not only trust, but a team that shares the company’s core values. Social media is an important way to connect with your fans and followers, and a little “faux pas” can go a long way.

Either leave it to professionals YOU trust, or you better make sure you have the right account selected when you go in for the tweet.


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