Social Video Eyewear: A Whole New World

Social Video Eyewear

As the social media world evolves, companies are constantly creating concepts that will take social media to the next level. You may have heard the huge buzz that has been growing about Google’s new glasses project, however, there’s another kid on the block over at Kickstarter that could steal the show. Vergence Labs are a new start up company with over $50,000 pledged through Kickstarter. They are aiming to create “stylish computing enabled social video sharing, trend setting electric powered sun glasses”.


These glasses record first person point of view, and have chromatic shifting conductive glass lenses that allow you to turn on/off the ‘electric powered sunglass’ feature. You can then share these videos on all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This allows others to see as if they had someone else’s eyes.


“The data captured from someone’s first person perspective will be incredible for learning and seeing from other people’s perspectives.  Imagine all of the things you see, and that you could do to teach people — based on what you do and see every day, while simply recording yourself doing the things you already do! Imagine the potential for education,” as explained on their Kickstarter webpage.


Check out their video on YouTube!


Although most of us are just getting used to new computing technology, it seems as if not only technology, but also social media will continue to evolve and transform in new creative ways. Social media has now been integrated in marketing for businesses all over the world and it’s only natural that we keep developing new and intriguing concepts.


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