Socially Connected – What Does it Mean Today?

Being socially connected does not entail having a Facebook and Twitter account – it goes deeper then that.  Are you using LinkedIn?  How often?  Do you know what LinkedIn can do for you?  How about forums.  Do you ever leave comments, or read up on opinions of others within your industry?  Do you use your mobile phone to read reviews before picking the next restaurant?  Are you “checking-in” to places – not just because other people are doing it, but also because people leave tips on what to eat or what to buy, and because merchants also reward people for their business?

There are so many ways to network, be a part of the conversation, to lend your expertise, read up on another person’s valuable insight and find your way through the web and get only the information you want.  You should make the most of your time spent online.

As you join in conversations and build upon your network of industry professionals and others who love the same hobbies as you, make sure to read up on the topics only you are interested in, otherwise, time is easily wasted.

Learn how to navigate the Web to stay more socially connected

Us PR cronies love to use monitoring services to watch what is said about our clients online.  We also use Google alerts – you can use this free tool as well if say, you are only interested in information on rising gas prices, where the best tech conferences are, medical reform, recipes from Rick Bayless or whatever the Kardashian sisters are up to.  Everyone is different and we all have various needs.

There are many ways to learn to navigate the web and become socially connected – Google alerts is one.  Your time is precious and we don’t recommend sitting on your computer for hours as you probably spend enough time there already.

Try Google alerts:

Check back on our blog for more tips on how to be socially connected!  Now, go outside for a run.


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