Talking Twitter – Part 1

by Kristian Zaspel

Is making random tweets about your business and services on Twitter not helping you get the results you want?  This is because relationships do not start with self promotion and business plugs.  Like any relationship, it takes time to get to know someone, and just like in the real world, you have to actually ask questions and listen to truly engage with a person and build trust.  Casual conversation in social media is easy to do, but it does take some patience and investment on your part.  Next time you are using Twitter to search for hashtags and conversations related to your product or business, try exercising the following techniques to build new relationships, get more followers and make brand advocates out of complete strangers.

  • Ask people questions.  Believe it or not, people like talking, especially about themselves.  This works the same online.  If you find someone on Twitter that you would like to target to share information about your business, ask them about something they recently posted and see where that conversation leads you.
  • Do not be afraid to start the conversation, but also remember to use proper etiquette.  Just because you are hiding behind a computer does not mean you can ask personal or inappropriate questions.
  • People who “tweet” and use hashtags do so because they WANT to be found and interacted with.  This is why so many people ask open ended questions because they’re looking for answers and responses.  Here is an example of someone looking for engagement:  @RunnerGeek Why do my feet hurt after every run??? #pain #runner

Remember to take the time to find questions and answer honestly.  It does not hurt to use a little humor sometimes. 🙂

  • Keep track of who are interacting with.  You might not get a reply or Tweet back from someone for a couple days, so use an open document to copy/paste the other user’s handle and maybe what you were talking about.  This is helpful if you want to touch base with them later once the conversation is over and it keeps you organized.
  • If you are tweeting from a company or product handle, there is no need to plug your product right off the bat, especially if it already says something about it in your profile.  For example, if you are a beverage company and someone say’s “It’s so hot right now, wish I had something to drink!” you do not need to reply with, “Try my new drink ACME brand, it’s delicious!”.  Instead try something like, “I would direct message you a tall glass of deliciousness if that feature existed!”
  • Give good advice.  You want people to see you and your brand as experts.  This will also help after the relationship is made and if people have questions.  They might also ask you a question months down the line when they actually need your services or product and they remembered that you gave them good advice way back when.
  • Keep it light!  Most people do not want to talk business right from the get-go.  The opportunity to talk about your product or services might not come for a bit, or ever for that matter, but engaging with others in casual conversation let’s people know of your company’s presence and if you make a lasting impression, chances are they will remember you when they need you.

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