Thank You Michelin Man: You’ve Got Me Hooked

Social media has changed the way we live, work and play. There is a social aspect to almost everything. “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on “Twitter”, hangout in our circle on Google+, pin my pins. Social media overload. There are so many different ways to connect and interact…online that is. When I meet people these days, a typical questions I ask is always, “Do you have a Facebook?” even before asking for a phone number.  Have we reached a point of no return? Do online relationships supersede those human-to-human, flesh to flesh connections?

As a social media guru and enthusiast, I truly believe that no online relationship or connection can ever replace human contact, however, I do believe that social media and digital interactions can lead and encourage in a lot of cases, connections outside the digital sphere.

Through social media, I have connected with friends from all over the world, and been able to engage and interact with some of my favorite brands. A recent example of how wonderful the world of social media is, came the other day when I unexpectedly had to purchase 4 new tires. My mechanic recommended Michelin and I happily obliged. After my new tires were mounted and I was on my way, I could feel the difference in the way my car was driving. Once home, I jumped on my iPhone and tweeted about my new tires, mentioning @MichelinMan_USA, naturally. About 45 mins later, I received a notification on my phone. Michelin had not only retweeted my tweet, but had replied to me thanking me for my business.

I will forever be a Michelin customer. That one tweet got me. It was a small gesture that lead to big bucks in their pockets. Even though I do not deal with the CEO of Michelin, the company was able to make my experience with them personal, and I appreciated that. I felt like they were specifically thanking me for buying their tires.

That is what social media is all about. Bringing the personal back into the impersonal. Even though there was no face-to-face connection, a connection had been made, and an intimate one at that.

This is why social media is a MUST. Social media allows businesses to interact and connect with their customers in ways that they have never been able to before.


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