The #Art of #Hashtags

The Guide to #Hashtags

hashtagHashtags organize and connect our online reality. Hashtags also increase engagement in online content. If you want to have a big impact through online social marketing, you need to know about hashtags.

Hashtags will increase your traffic when used skillfully, as an art form.

A survey by RadiumOne showed that half of the population surveyed felt motivated to click on new content with hashtags. It makes all of your institutions online messages more accessible, findable and linkable.

So, hashtags are important. But you have to use the wisely. An artfully created hashtag for your institution will be original, easily understandable and convey a key message that enables the internet to coordinate conversation around your institution, product or brand. Put thought behind what you put the # sign infront of.

Easy Guidelines for Artful Hashtagging

1. Understand your goal. Are you building brand awareness, creating a conversation or connecting your online content? Know why you are hash tagging before you put one up…

2. Because hashtags never die. They are archived and always searchable. Hashtag wisely.

3. Do not over hashtag. Don’t get crazy with your hashtag power! Don’t use more than two hashtags per Tweet or other posting. This is serious.

4. Don’t take your hashtags so seriously. It’s okay if they don’t take off! They are all experiments to see what works for your brand, the type of conversation you want to generate, and what you are hashtagging for. Keep experimenting til you find something that works. But not too much! Be smart about it. Put thought into your hashtags, but don’t be attached to the outcome.

Not sure which hashtags to use, when, where and with whom?? The people at My SMN sure know what to do! If you need an expert to take your hashtagging to a whole other level, leave it to the professionals. Visit MySMN to get your artful #hashtags going!




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