The Art of the Tweet

Tweeting is universal. It is something that we all can do, but not all of us can amass hundreds upon thousands of followers. Celebrities can earn millions of followers, but what about those businesses and individuals that stack up their following?

Tweeting can be mundane, but it is your job to make it interesting, make it engaging, make it something people want to read. Almost like a novel, but in spurts of 140 characters. I believe we can call this Twitterature. So how does one create such a Tweet?

For one, do not make it about what you are doing….no one wants to hear that you are sitting at the airport or waiting for dinner to be ready. What would one of your followers care about, what would they be interested in.

Rule 1: Know thy demographic. Be aware of who your followers are. Learn of their likes, dislikes, and trending topics. Once this has been established, it will be much easier to focus your tweeting material.

Rule 2: Make it participatory. Don’t be a selfish tweeter. Share, discuss, converse and ask. As Woodrow Wilson once said, “The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.” In other words, to be a successful leader one must always listen and pay attention to the desires and thoughts of those who follow. Allow others to share opinions and ideas with you, in fact, promote it. People like connection, and when you ask and then listen, you are making a concrete connection.

Rule 3: Connect the dots. Develop a Twitter novel, or a piece of Twitterature, where the tweets connect to one another. Do not just throw out random tweets, and see who responds. People want to be engaged and engulfed by a story, and each tweet should be one crucial part of that story…a story within the story.

These rules ring true for both businesses and individuals. Businesses have a mission statement, and that should be the basis for their story. How is that business reaching their goal, how are they staying committed to their mission?

Following these rules will ensure an engaged, chatty, and loyal group of tweeters.

Tweet on, my friends, tweet on.





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