The Global Village

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and all the other social networking sites have introduced to our physical world, a whole other world, a sort of virtual State. This virtual state or world that man has created is bringing people together in ways never thought imaginable. Social networking sites transcend borders, thus opening up endless opportunities to spread the word or introduce a whole new audience to what you have to offer.

With the advent of the social networking site, Twitter has become a new news source, as has Facebook. One can now see an event happening overseas before it is being spoken about on the news. A student in the United States can see first hand accounts of history in the making in a country they barely knew existed.

Because of this virtual state, anyone online is coexisting with the next person. People are receiving information and sharing information faster than ever before. The digital world is growing everyday and becoming more powerful, and it is therefore necessary to be part of it, to stand as a citizen with a voice.

This global village is the perfect place to get on your soapbox and promote what you have to say, and to provide valuable information to those who wish to listen. The cool part about it all is that your audience is a lot larger than the one the philosophers had in ancient Greece. J

Even though such a vast audience exists, you must know how to reach the maximum amount of people as possible. My Social Marketing Network has proven methods and strategies that will help reach the audience that you want. Along with that, we offer valuable insight into the world of social media marketing. It is not easy exposing yourself to the digital world, but it could not be more crucial.

Also, check out our blog post A New Breed of Professional: The Social Media Expert, for more insight as to why it is important to have someone on your team that is knowledgeable about this digital world, and the infinite ways to manipulate it to work for you rather than against you.

Social Media is our present and definitely our future. Don’t let others jump ahead because you did not join the game. Jump in and see how your customer base and fan audience will grow.

I found a great read on the Huffington Post website about the future of social media and why it is important. It’s a very interesting article speaking about the global village and how we can all exist in it.

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