The Importance of a Custom Facebook Landing Page

When you are walking on a pebble pathway, you notice a shiny penny, and you pick that penny up. Why did you notice it? Because it was shiny, and different, and didn’t blend in with the other pebbles. The same goes for your Facebook page.

Facebook’s look is relatively generic, and all business pages initially look and have the same features. In an analysis done by (, there are allegedly 3 Million active Facebook pages, and with that many pages out there, customizing your page is crucial.

Luckily, there are tools available that allow businesses to create tabs and custom landing pages that will not only give the business personality and branding, but also serve as another place to capture leads and engage with fans.

Read on to find out why a business MUST have a custom Facebook Landing page:

  • A custom page allows a business to brand itself on Facebook.  It is the one chance that a business has to completely design and “show off” what it does/ offers using custom graphics, videos, logos, etc. This page can be as creative and personalized as one would like, and will be one of the determining factors when differentiating itself from the sea of Facebook pages.
  • A custom page increases the chances of engagement with your audience. It is much more exciting to land on a colorfully designed page, then a plain generic Facebook wall. A business can utilize this page to get fans and potential fans to interact with the page. Perhaps the content on the landing page is information about a contest or promotion. This sort of thing, especially when presented in a more interesting and visually pleasing way than on a wall, promotes and encourages engagement with the page, hopefully leading to future conversations.
  • Use your custom Facebook page to build your business’ contact list and email list. Let people sign up for newsletters or special offers on the page. Let this landing page act as another source of lead generation. People are just as likely to sign up on Facebook if it is easy enough, as they are on the actual business website.
  • Create different tabs for important offers, events, happenings within the business.

Everyone wants to stand out and be known. Facebook, once quite un-customizable, has now opened the doors to creativity and inspiration.


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