The Importance of Blogging and Doing it Right

The Importance of Blogging and Doing in Right

In today’s digitized world, the importance of blogging is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing that your business should be focusing on. With more and more people turning to the Internet to get their information about brand and product details, if you don’t have a great blog, you’re falling behind your competitors. A great blog – and one that’s SEO-friendly – can help your site be discovered on search engines, can attract new customers, and can help you in retaining your regulars. For tips on how to create a great blog and the importance of blogging, read on:

Blogging (Small)Great Content is Key

Perhaps the most important aspect of blogging is creating great content. Great content keeps readers engaged, provides them with relevant information, and offers them something new and interesting. In order to create great content, focus on being honest about your product or brand, writing something original, and keeping your content relevant to your audience. Your writing style and writing personality matter too, as do your sentence conventions, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If you don’t feel confident in your writing, make sure you take some time to practice, or consider asking for content creation help. Make sure to remember that content isn’t just the body of text, but the headings and subheadings as well.

Photos and Videos Matter

While content may be king, photos and videos are indispensible tools that your blog should absolutely utilize. In fact, many readers will skip reading content altogether while on a hunt for great videos or photos, so having plenty of them throughout your post is essential. When choosing photos, make sure that they’re relevant to your brand and message, are interesting and engaging, and emphasize the point or message that you’re trying to get across with the particular blog. The same thing goes for videos – videos that have no relevancy to your post aren’t helpful. As an added tip, adding photo title tags can help with SEO.

Share Your Content

Your content isn’t going to make its way to hundreds of readers on its own; it’ll need your help to do that. Once you’ve published great content, making use of social media tools is one of the best ways to get your content out there – otherwise, the importance of blogging is moot. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ are all fabulous resources for sharing content and reaching out to a broader audience. Link sharing, or the act of exchanging links with other businesses (you post a link to their website on your blog, they post a link to your website on theirs), is another great way to attract more viewers than you normally would and broaden your blog’s horizons.

Keep People Reading

If you’ve written a great blog that is laden with some fabulous photos, your job as a blogger isn’t complete yet. Instead, part of effective blogging is posting consistently, updating your blog with new and relevant information, and allowing blog comments and responding to them. While the latter can be time consuming, responding to blog comments can increase your blog’s traffic, increase your blog’s number of social shares, and build up your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

The Importance of Blogging

Blogging has become one of the biggest tools for marketing a business. Blogging improves SEO, establishes you as an expert in your field, and provides customers and potential customers with a resource for learning about your product and brand. If you’re not already taking the importance of blogging into consideration with your marketing strategy, now’s the time to start typing!


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