The Importance of Finding Your Audience

Finding Your Audience

audienceFinding your audience is extremely important when writing, speaking or advertising and can make or break the effectiveness of your goal. There are numerous things to consider when finding your audience in any situation.

Here are some questions that will be helpful when finding your audience:

  • Who will my audience be?
  • What will they know or how will they feel once read?
  • What time and place will the viewer be reading it?
  • Why should your audience read it?

Determining who your audience will be varies depending on the topic at hand and who will be interested in it. It also depends on who you will be writing for, whether you are blogging for different companies with numerous different topics, writing as a professor at a university or you are speaking to your colleagues at a seminar. Another important thing that most people forget about is the format and style changes depending on your audience. It is more effective to speak or write to cater your audience. If you are targeting a younger audience then speaking or writing so that they understand it and find it interesting is crucial. But if you are writing an article for a business industry and targeting professionals or business owners, writing professionally about something the audience needs or can benefit from would be most effective.

Knowing exactly what your main points will be and the message, idea or goal you are trying to relay are extremely important when finding your audience. What you want them to take away from your speech or work must be planned accordingly. If your audience will need to understand information quickly, then write informatively and stick to the point throughout. This will make it easier for your audience to grasp what they need to. Blogging for a company that sales furniture requires persuasion, a call to action and a link to a great landing page that has exactly what you just convinced the reader to buy or look into. Having a quality game plan with exactly what you want your audience to know, understand or even feel is crucial regarding the effectiveness of your speech, blog or article.

The time and place that your audience will be reading your article or blog is very important and will change the way it should be written. Will they be reading it at work because they need it or at home after a long days work with their family distracting them? If you are writing on social media, then producing a very interesting article and headlining it with something captivating for your audience to draw them to your site is most effective. Thinking about this ahead of time while you are preparing your work will prove to be helpful later.

Considering why your target audience should read or listen to your work is one of the most critical parts of understanding and finding your audience. Will your audience benefit from a service or product that you provide? Do you have data or statistics to support your product, idea, review or blog that will be of value or interest to your audience? Do they need or want? Knowing why your audience will read or listen to your work will contribute to the effectiveness of your work and produce the results you want. If you need help finding your audience or would like to have professionals building your online reputation and network, contact us at MySMN and let us do what we know and love.


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