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The Importance of Google Plus

3 Reasons Why Google Plus is Important

googleplusGoogle Plus is becoming very important. This new way of connecting socially and for business was introduced in 2011 and has slowly become a fast growing trend. Anyone who uses social media for business will greatly benefit from using this feature. There are over 500 million Google Plus accounts which will increase continuously because Google strongly encourages all of their YouTube and Gmail users to use Google Plus. Not only is it a very comprehensive system for connection and promotion, it is also becoming increasingly important for search engine results.

Bottom Line, If you want top Google search engine results, use Google Plus actively.

Below are 3 reasons posting on Google Plus is important for Google search engine results.

  1. Google Plus has a feature that allows you to connect your website with a Google Plus page. This makes your website appear more relevant in Google web searches.
  2. Posting on Google Plus gets you more visibility. By posting and engaging on Google Plus you will get more people to engage with you, share your posts and link to your profile. This makes your profile links become more valuable and appear higher up in search rankings.
  3. When someone searches for a brand or keyword on Google Plus, the latest activity will show up from the brands Google Plus page. This means, if you use the right key words and use your Google Plus account enough and skillfully, you will dominate the search results.

Are you ready for search engine domination? Or do you feel a bit uncertain about all of the complexities of effective social media marketing?

Luckily, you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can keep doing what you’re good at, and leave most of the Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and all that other stuff to the pros.

If you want help dominating the search results and getting the online presence for your business booming, My SMN is here for you! Professional Social Marketing Networkers for the digital age. You don’t have to do it alone! There is hope and help.


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