Call To Action

The Importance of Utilizing a Call to Action

Call To Action

Having a Call to Action is important because…wait a minute – let’s assume you’ve not been in the digital marketing world.  Let’s first talk about what a call to action (or CTA) stands for!

A CTA prompts someone to take action through one of your digital assets, like your website, email newsletter or Facebook page.  A CTA is an image or line of text that says things like:

“Sign up now”
“Download our eBook”
“Attend our event”
“Get a free sample”
“Get 15% off your order”
“Get a product demo”

If you ever see a CTA like: “Become a millionaire in two days” -we recommend staying away from CTAs like those…unless of course you’re a real risk taker.

Now back to those CTAs….Why are they important?

If you start to work with a website designer, keep in mind all the time and money spent on designing and tweaking.  Now think about all the people coming to your website over the next couple months, years.  Do you want to lose the opportunity to get their name and email or other information that could help you to develop a relationship or influence brand loyalty?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Think about the storefront windows for top fashion brands in New York City – the window designers get paid well for a reason; their job is to attract the right clientele and entice them to come inside and make a purchase.  And in the case of websites your rate of client retention is better.  By using CTAs wisely, you can receive far more information and new clients from a virtual ‘window shopper’ than the average window shopper cruising by a storefront.

Which brings me on the next point…


When you work along with your website designer, she or he might not have creative design skills (unless of course you work with the technically and creatively savvy staffers at MySMN).  When you start to think about what you want your CTAs to be, you’ll need a catchy phrase, an easy to read font and a vibrant color.  The font should be modern and easy to read and the color should contrast with the background color of your website.

Be Honest

A big no-no in digital marketing is when a person or a brand puts something out in cyberspace, and asks users to click but the web page they land on is irrelevant or it’s just plain difficult to find the item promised.  If your goal is to offer your visitor to “Get a free sample,” I recommend using a landing page made specifically for your CTA.  When the person arrives on that page, repeat the language from your CTA again, make the page as neat as possible with short and concise directions on how they can obtain your free sample.  Don’t ask for too much – just the essentials like first and last name, email address, shipping address and maybe one more like their birth date or phone number if you absolutely need it.


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