The New Facebook Timeline: Reliving the Past in the Future

So you activated your Facebook Timeline. Now what? As I’m sure you have noticed the new layout of your personal Facebook page is completely different than it used to be. This new layout is an easy way to track your life through pictures, posts and status updates. The Timeline has received mixed reviews, but I love it.

Some obvious changes to your Facebook profile are the following:

  • Cover Photo: You now have the chance to pick a photo, any photo, to display along with your profile picture. This can be changed at any time, and is just another way to further customize your page, and make your Facebook profile, you. Check out some cool cover photos here.
  • Two Column Layout: Instead of having one big wall, you now have two columns that display your pictures, status updates, wall posts, check-ins, etc. This function allows for greater visibility and, in my opinion, makes you page look much more appealing. I really like the fact that each post/ activity is in its own box. Great look and super functional.
  • New Header Format: The new header format is super cool because it contains all pertinent profile information at the top of your profile, including your friends, photos, maps, Likes, and whatever other apps you have activated on your profile. Instead of having to search through various tabs like the old layout, everything is right there in a dashboard format. Again, very functional and appealing to the eye.
  • The Timeline: If you notice on the right hand side of your profile, you see a timeline that you can scroll up and down on. It starts, well, when you were born, and takes you all the way to present. Click on “2009” and you can see all the posts and Facebook activity that went on in that particular time. This can be a good and bad thing. When I looked back at my timeline, I was shocked to learn how much I have changed and grown up. I was frankly embarrassed by some of those status updates I made back in the day. So, what’s the good part? Well the first cool thing is that, one, you can go back that far and really take a look at your life over the past few years since you joined Facebook. The second great part is that you can actually edit or remove posts that, if you are like me, wish were not there anymore!

So what does this new Facebook Timeline really mean, besides having to scour through your past and choose two profile pics instead of one? Well, for one, when Facebook makes a change to personal profiles, it typically means that there is something in the works for business pages as well. It would not be a surprise if business pages took on the same look as the new personal pages. This would be quite beneficial, because I can see the cover photo as well as the timeline layout being great for brand promotion.

All in all, I think the new Timeline is great, and once everyone stops resisting to change and just goes with the flow, they will too.


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