The New Twitter and Why It’s Awesome

Last week Twitter rolled out its new interface, and it looks pretty cool. They have introduced “Brand” pages like Facebook that make it easier to showcase your business on the social network.

Some call it the Facebookification of Twitter, I just call it a fresh new look that is going to be great for branding.

Here are a couple of cool features of the new layout and their benefits.

The Home Page.

  • Your home page now features a banner picture that you can change whenever you like. The new layout allows you to customize your page with logos and timelines. This feature is great for businesses with special promotions.
  • The two-column layout. One column consists of your tweets, while the left column consists of familiar information, such as followers, lists and Twitter recommendations. The one difference? There is a “Tweet to..” box that allows the user to directly tweet to the business.
  • Photos and Videos now appear in the Twitter stream. Instead of pictures and videos being opened in a new window, or on the side, they are now visible in the tweet.
  • Information about a tweet is readily available. Click on a specific tweet and the tweet will expand to include information on who was mentioned, who retweeted it, and the date and time it was originally tweeted. This makes it easier for a business to reach out to those who have mentioned them or retweeted their tweets.

The Top Toolbar

  • Connect: This is where all your interactions will be. Any @replies and mentions will be found here. Although not really different from before, it makes it convenient to find your engagements.
  • Discover: The Discover tool is a very cool upgraded search function. It is basically search on steroids. Not only can you see trending topics and hashtags, you will also find a stream featuring stories based on your connections, location, and language.

These are the main new features for the new Twitter. Stay tuned for more information on how to set up your profile, and the many ways you can use the new profile to promote and brand your business!


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