The Powers That Be: Google+ and Why You Need It

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and the list just keeps on growing. Social networks are almost impossible to keep up with these days, unless, as I discussed in my previous post, your business has hired a social media expert to stay up to date for you.

Many of you probably know this, but Google+ recently launched its Business Profile pages last week. I know what you are thinking…here we go again, yet ANOTHER social network profile I need to manage. And many more are asking, “Why? What are the benefits?” There has been a lot of discussion around Google+ and if it is a true competitor to Facebook. Although usage seems to be down in general, Google+ has one notable power that reigns supreme. What is that power? The power of search!

Google+ Pages are still in their infancy, but we think that it will establish itself as a true competitor to Facebook’s business pages. The first major feature of Google+ business pages are the SEO benefits. Because Google is one of the largest search engines in the world, Google+ will favor those businesses that have a Google+ page. All of your Google+ updates are follow-able and are fed into a Google search.

Another cool aspect is the ability to directly connect with a Google+ business page through search. One can directly connect with a Google+ page just by typing a “+” in the search bar behind the business’ name.  The Facebook page may come up, but will never be as searchable as a Google+ business page.

The last and major benefit of creating and maintaining a Google+ business page are all the tools and applications that Google already has in place. Google has said that they will integrate these tools with the Google+ business page to make tracking and analyzing engagement easy and efficient.

Although questions about Google+ remain, there is little doubt that Google will be leaving the social media arena anytime soon, and this attempt at a social network is their best yet. Although it is not fully developed or established, we can expect to see a lot of features and functions coming from Google which will make having a Google+ business profile more necessary than ever.


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