TIPS – How to Spread the Word about Your Business

"My Services are the Best!"

Recently a friend that I used to run track with in high school started up her own photography business after having her first child.  She wrote to me on Facebook asking: “do you have any tips on how to spread the word about my business?”  There are so many ways to spread the word and reach people you might have never reached before the Internet or social media came along.  Here are some quick tips:

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account?  If not, get them started (check back for tips from us).  Do you have videos of your products or services?  If not, can you make a professional video?  If this is the case, upload your videos to YouTube and make sure to tag them so they can be found on the Internet (make sure you select the proper category as well).

Is your email signature missing a link to your website and links to your Facebook and Twitter?  Do you need help?  If so, send us an email and we will help you free of charge.

Do you have a blog?  If not, get on the bandwagon!  This is one of the best places where you can promote your expertise.  It is also a great step to take to start branding yourself, plus search engines love blogs.  The Internet is not going away and as every day passes, your blog will also act as a large resume, collecting information about your services, products, the clients you have worked for, the services you have improved and hopefully the lives you have changed!  Make sure when your blog is set to also list it in a blog directory like: Technorati and BlogCatalog .

List your website on a few search engines like: Yahoo! Local Features, GooglePlaces, Bing Business,,,, and more.

Facebook just released “Facebook Deals” and as of this writing, the following cities are offering this service:  San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and Austin, Texas.  Facebook is currently charging their partners nothing to participate in the new deals program.  This is a great way for locals to buy services from you and share it with their friends.  Consider listing a service you can afford to offer at 30-50% off.  Think of something fun or useful that will get customers through the door.  Then blow their mind with your talent or expertise and unbelievable customer service.

Submit an article to and build credibility for yourself, your business and start to direct more traffic to your website.

Check back for more tips or contact us to see how we can help further market your business!


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