To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog? What would the modern Shakespeare have to say if he lived in this digital age?  At My SMN, we think it’s absolutely critical to blog and we often discuss how important it is to establish your brand as an industry expert. Blogging not only gives your business the chance to show off what you know, but enhances your business’ reputation as a credible source of information.  In order for a brand to grow, it must instill trust upon its clients and customers. Without trust there can be no brand loyalty.

Blogging is very important to not only promote different things that a business is doing or has to offer, it is also another way to engage fans and followers. Having a blog connected to a website, LinkedIn, or Facebook page is going to drive more traffic to the businesses site, hence increasing exposure and broadening the potential client base.

Blogging provides a medium to both casually and formally share information with clients and customers. There are multiple different applications one can use to create a blog. Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress are just a few examples of popular blog publishing sites. The type of publisher you use depends on the type of business, and what the it wants to portray. Tumblr is great for picture heavy blogging, while WordPress is great for text heavy posting. After determining what type of blog is best suited for the business, it is time to create.

Creating a professional looking blog is critical. It is true, that no one should judge a book by its cover, but in the web world, this could not be truer. Appearance is everything. People are drawn to aesthetically pleasing images and web pages. The more professional your blog looks, the better chance of establishing a consistent fan base.

Be consistent with posts. If you post once a week, then post once a week. If you post twice a month, then post twice a month. If you have a newsletter, make sure to blast it out consistently. Always promote your blog post on Facebook and Twitter, as people often look to these sites as a medium to discover compelling and valuable content.

Blogging is just one important part needed when developing a successful marketing plan.  In a study done by Synovate, they found that 54% of blog users search for new blogs on a regular basis. 46% of blog readers consistently go back to the same blog over and over again. When asked what these users were looking for when reading blogs, 65% said to get opinions, 39% to get news and important updates, and 38% said they read blogs for entertainment.

Blogging is not only fun, it’s also effective.  And the key is coming up with compelling information that will have people coming back for more.





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