Top Apps to Improve your Work Life

Work_life_balance_rat_raceApps have become one of the mainstreams for smartphones as people all over the world are doing their best to not only make the use of smartphones and tablets easier, but life as well. There are numerous apps out there that are made specifically to improve your business on the go. Many business owners do not have much time at the office and are constantly moving throughout the day.

1. Office Mobile-Although this app may be a little high in price, it is well worth it based on the quality experience you will receive from using it, especially if you know you will be spending a large amount of time on Microsoft Office. This awesome app makes creating and editing your word documents with your mobile device simple. This app offers Microsoft Word, Excel and even PowerPoint and allows you to create charts and graphics

2.       TripIt- Mobile Travel Organizer- This app is a must have if you travel a lot for your business and will make it simple to keep your travel plans organized. By forwarding confirmation emails from agencies you’re booked with to it will recognize your reservations and keep them booked for you. Keeping your travel plans organized will help you to not be late or forget anything important.

3.       Square Register- If you are on the go and need to be able to manage your business wherever you are then this app will be great for you, especially if you handle transactions on the go. You can accept credit cards with the free credit card reader and it comes with free POS (point of sale) tools. This app was created by Jack Dorsey who also created Twitter. For the use of all major credit cards, 2.75%is taken from each transaction.

4.       Cisco WebEx Meetings- Are you on the go all the time, but need to have meetings wherever you are? If so, then this app is for you. It allows you to begin or join any web conference using 2 way video. The coolest part of this app is the fact that you can attach files, including presentations with a spreadsheet. This is the ultimate on the go meetings app. They have a free version which can support up to 3 people in a meeting.

5.       Billminder- This convenient app serves as a bill reminder and organizer that can help you track your expenses with graphs and reports. It allows you to set alerts and even sync other devices.