Top Instagram Hashtags of 2013

Instagram has been rapidly growing and 2013 was no exception with now over 150 million users. Sharing your life through photos has never been more fun and Instagram now allows you to create a video yearbook using Statigram.  This new feature is extremely popular and gives users the chance to create something to remember each year of their lives. In 2013, Instagram was a dominant force in the photo world of social media not only with photos, but hashtags as well. It is tough to choose the top Instagram hashtags when there are so many good ones, see if you were guilty of hashtagging with any of the top 5 hashtags of 2013.


Top 5 Instagram #Hashtags of 2013

5. #Selfie- This hashtag was not even in the dictionary until 2013, but still managed to make the list of top 5 Instagram #Hashtags of 2013. Selfie photos took over this year, reaching a point where users were posting multiple selfies a day.

4. #Food– Did you just cook an amazing meal? Are you out to dinner at your favorite restaurant? Sharing photos of food you’re eating is extremely popular and millions of people do it on a daily basis. Over 77 million photos have posted using #food and the number will only continue to rise as Instagram grows.

3. #Friends- People love posting photos with all of their friends, especially Instagram where photos rule. Want a window into the rest of the world enjoying 2013? Click on the #friends hashtag and see what people have been up to. Let’s also add that we’re grateful it beat out #selfie.

2. #TBT (throw back Thursday)-  This great hashtag was religiously used every Thursday of 2013 has well continued into 2014. Even celebrities have been putting pieces of their past online via Throw Back Thursday posts. It is definitely one of the #hashtags known by nearly everyone.

1. #Love (yes, this is not a joke)-  The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived and the number one Instagram #hashtag of 2013 is…! #Love has taken Instagram by storm and it only makes sense, why wouldn’t you want to share the things you love with anyone who’ll listen.


What do you think will be the hashtags of 2014?

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