Top Social Media Platforms for Small Business Entrepreneurs

KIEV UKRAINE - JANUARY 29 2015: Social media icons on screen of iPad and iPhone. Social media are most popular tool for communication sharing information and content between people in internet network.

Why is social media so important? Here’s why: in 2014, 92% of business owners identified social media as important to them. This number is 7 points higher than the 86% of business owners who thought the same in 2013. It’s important to know, as a small business entrepreneur, the importance of social media and the different platforms available. Social media is one of the engines that drives businesses, giving them visibility and access to a wide audience of potential customers.

Here are 5 of the top social media platforms available to your small business below. If you are not already familiar with how these tools aid you, it’s important to become familiar by learning what these platforms have to offer and how they are useful to businesses.


By now nearly everyone on the planet is familiar with Facebook. Since its inception in 2004, this social media giant has grown to over 900 million unique monthly visitors. According to the Pew Research Center Facebook was popular among 71% of adults who use social media in 2014.

The popular social media platform provides various tools to launch and maintain a digital marketing effort for your small business. These tools include hashtagging (a function similar to that found with Twitter), which allows you to join your posts to that of larger, related conversations.


Not to be outdone, internet giant Google has gained traction on Facebook’s appeal and functionality through the launch of its own social media outlet, Google+. Google+ has 13% of the monthly unique users of Facebook but also has behind it the data tools that only Google can provide. You can use Google+ as a small business entrepreneur to boost your visibility online, especially in Google searches.


LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a business oriented social media outlet. The tools provided through LinkedIn help your small business reach potential partners and create strategic alliances necessary for you to grow and prosper.


Twitter is the 140 character short message service that allows users to send “tweets.” These tweets may be directed to other users or broadcast widely throughout the Twitter-verse. Businesses can harness Twitter’s design as a micro-blog utility to raise awareness and attention as well as tap into the interests of your consumers.


Yelp is a popular and useful peer-to-peer tool that allows users to rate the products and services that they receive from local businesses. Because of its crowd source format, the more positive reviews you can encourage and generate for your small business the better the image you create.

Your use of the various social media platforms can only help you grow your business by growing your prospects. Let My Social Marketing Network provide you with the tips, tools and information you need to grow your business and better utilize social media platforms with its unique digital marketing program.


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