What People Are Doing Online: Top Online Activities

I seem to be online all the time. That seems normal though, right? I’m a marketer. Well, it seems that most people spend A LOT of time hooked up and online, but what are these people doing all this time they are connected?

Every year the Pew Internet releases a study showing what people are actually doing when they are online. Are they emailing? Facebooking? Shopping? Watching questionable content? The results were quite interesting. Let us share.

A few stats:

–       294 billion emails are sent daily

–       2 million blog posts are written

–       Facebook receives 172 million unique visitors per day

–       Twitter receives 40 million different people per day

–       22 million different people frequent LinkedIn per day

–       20 million hit up Google+ per day

–       17 million visit Pinterest on a daily basis

–       4.7 BILLION minutes are spent on Facebook

–       532 million statuses are updated

–       250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook

–       22 million hours of TV shows and movies are viewed on Netflix

–       864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube

–       The average time for Internet users viewing porn is 14.6 minutes

–       18.7 million hours of music is streamed on Pandora (would love to know the what it is for Spotify)

–       Over 35 million apps are downloaded daily

–       Oh, and get this…iPhone sales surpass the amount of babies born per day. WOW

Those statistics are pretty impressive if you ask me! Now for the Pew Report’s findings:

–       Email and search are the two biggest activities everyday. About 6 in 10 online users will participate in either one of these activities.

–       Online banking and shopping are the second most popular online activities. 61% of online users do at least a portion of their banking online.

–       Social networking comes in third with 65% of all users use some sort of social network.

The top 5 sites visited on a daily basis are:

5. MSN.com

4. Wikipedia

3. Live.com

2. Yahoo!

And, yes, you guessed it, Facebook in number 1!

(Source Huffington Post)

So, there you have it! These are the top statistics for what people are doing on the Internet everyday. To be honest, most of these were pretty predictable, but there were a few that shocked me. I wasn’t expecting Yahoo! to be numero dos, and the 4.7 billion minutes a day nearly made me fall out of my seat. All in all, it is clear that the email marketing, social networking, online banking and e-commerce aren’t going anywhere.






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