Using SEO in Content

The Importance of SEO in Content

Power of SEO in Content:

According to the article SEO Power Pages, Google’s monthly search engine traffic worldwide runs at around 7.5 million for the term “SEO.”  With that many searches, SEO seems to be rising in importance and as a marketing tactic amongst businesses.  So what is SEO and why is the power of SEO in content so important?

What is SEO?

seoBy using SEO or search engine optimization, businesses have “…the ability to enhance [their] organic or [unpaid] search results by simple but direct means so [their] website can be found on the internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to name a few. It helps [their] customers find [them] fast.”  (source:  SEO Tips and Techniques)

As opposed to the pay per click method, SEO offers businesses the ability to drive traffic to their webpage by using the “natural” or un-paid search results on a search engine.   By choosing the right key words, content, titles and links, businesses can increase their chance of obtaining a higher rank through a search engine.  Studies show that a higher rank leads to more web traffic to a site.

The Importance of the Power of SEO in Content:

In order to increase a website’s rank or relevance through SEO on a search engine, businesses must use the appropriate keywords, titles and links in their content.  By using the correct SEO tactics via web content, a business has the ability to come up first during an Internet search.

To get their content noticed through the power of SEO, businesses need to first focus on the keywords that they want to use to promote their product. TechWyse, Internet Marketing, recommends that businesses “use Google’s Keyword Tool to find the most popular keywords in [a] niche and put together a list of strong keywords…to optimize [their] content for search engines.  This will help [businesses’] content rank higher in search engines when people enter a search query using those keywords.” (source: Power Tips for Great Content)

However, businesses need to go beyond just focusing on keywords to attract and retain customers. Consumers want keywords to lead to engaging and interesting content.  That is why it’s important to strike the right balance between meaningful content and the use of SEO.

A great way to use the power of SEO in content while keeping the content relevant and engaging is through the use of blogs. Blogs can be done daily, weekly or even monthly and increase a business’ web presence.

The power of SEO in content can increase a business’ chance to be located via a search engine, which in turn, will lead to more web traffic and ultimately, more business.

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