Visual Social Media

A New Way to Show Rather Than Tell

With the advent of social media, how we view content has drastically changed. Engagement is now centered on more visual aspects such as graphics and pictures instead of content alone. Visual Social Media is new on the scene and is here to stay.

The Social Media Shift
The Social Media Shift

Facebook and Twitter were created and centered around content, and what people had to say versus placing more emphasis on visuals. As time progressed, visual social media platforms came to be.

Facebook and Twitter paved the way for interactions through a more visual sense to occur. Posting pictures or graphics, for instance, is a proven way to garner more likes and comments. The social media audience prefers more and more to side a more visual story telling approach.

Visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Pintrest focus on relating content through pictures, and place less emphasis on content alone.

Instagram is a social media platform that allows for users to alter pictures through filters, causing for an otherwise ordinary photo to be seen in a new and artistic way. Users can track photos posted, and comment on postings. The emphasis in this social media platform centers on the visual aspect.

Pintrest is a social media platform which allows for users to create cyber pinboards, and collage together pictures of an overarching theme. Pairing photos together in a collage-like manner allows for other users to see stories, rather than read them. Creating a board around a theme, like a dream wedding for example, allows for users to piece together pictures they find interesting and to display them together under a theme.

Visual Social Media Infographic
Visual Social Media Infographic

Visual social media is becoming increasingly popular, and the growth of social media has shown that people prefer to show, rather than tell, their stories. Staying connected to others is one of the main reasons social media was created, and it will continue to grow in new ways as stories are able to be told in other ways.