What is Graph Search on Facebook?

Where was I a few weeks ago when Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, announced Graph Search? As with most new online trends, I always feel like the last to know.  For those of you, who are similar to me, you may ask, “so what is Graph Search on Facebook?”

Touted by Mark Zuckerburg as the “third pillar” of the social networking site along with Timeline and New Feed, Graph Search is a way to find people, restaurants, movies, music, places, photos that are most important to you on Facebook. Users type in key phrases to find out information about their friends, friends of friends, businesses or users with public settings. Users can find out what restaurants their friends have recommended, places friends of friends have traveled to and music people have been listening to plus much more.

So how does Graph Search work? Facebook users can type in any phrase into the Graph Search. By using phrases to find certain criteria, users have the option of narrowing or widening their search. Users can specifically tailor their search to their friends, friends of friends, businesses or information made public.  Here’s an example: Let’s say that you are looking for great Greek restaurants around San Diego. Let’s also say that most of your friends dislike Greek food.  With that in mind, you may not find out any information about Greek restaurants by limiting your search to your friends. So when typing a phrase into Graph Search, you could search for “Greek restaurants in San Diego that people like.” Graph Search will come up with all people who have liked a Greek Restaurant in San Diego as long as they have made that information public. If this wasn’t crazy enough, Graph Search allows users to search for practically anything that they think of such as “Single people who work for Facebook” or  “People who like prostitutes.” Graph Search will come up with a list of people who meet this criteria. A great but creepy stalker tool.

What is Graph Search on Facebook. MySMN is here for all of your social media questions.

At this point, Graph Search is not available to everyone. Only a limited number of users have access to this search tool. As time goes on, Facebook will allow more and more users to try Graph Search. If you are in a rush to try the “third pillar” of Facebook, you can get on a waitlist by going to the Facebook website.

Although this feature seems a little invasive, I’m sure when the time comes, I’ll be spending more than my fair share on Graph Search.  At least, I know it’s out there and that someone could be searching me.  I will also be able to give someone an answer, if they, like me, are always the last to know as to what is Graph Search on Facebook?

For more information on Graph Search or Facebook as a marketing tool visit mySMN at simwebsitelaunch.com/mysmn.



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